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2013 Annual Meeting

Baltimore, MD

Meeting Begins: 11/23/2013
Meeting Ends: 11/26/2013

Note that the deadline for paper proposals is 11:59 PM (23:59) Eastern Standard Time (UTC -5) on the day PREVIOUS to the deadline below.

Call For Papers Opens: 12/15/2012
Call For Papers Closes: 3/1/2013
Requirements for Participation

Social History of Formative Christianity and Judaism

Program Unit Type: Section
Accepting Papers? Yes

Call For Papers: For 2013 we are planning four sessions. The first will be a pre-arranged session on Hayim Lapin's new book, Rabbis as Romans: The Rabbinic Movement in Palestine, 100-400 CE. For the other three sessions, we seek proposals on the following topics: 1. Religion and the Market. We are particularly interested in proposals that address the intersection of commerce and religious ritual/practice. This would include theoretical discussion (commentary, legislation, and exegesis) as well as material evidence of modes of production and actual commercial interactions, or analyses of the physical space and use of workshops and markets. 2. Illness and Disability. (Co-sponsored with Healthcare and Disability in the Ancient World - please submit your single proposal to both Units). We welcome proposals on any aspect of sickness and disability in late antiquity, such as discussions of etiology and treatment regimes, views of healers (professional and charismatic), attitudes to sickness and disability, and definitions of "cure." 3. Paideia: Theories of Education in Late Antiquity. (Co-sponsored with The Religious World of Late Antiquity - please submit your single proposal to both Units). How did adherents of late antique religions conceive of, impart, and transform religious knowledge? What tools and techniques did they use? Was education a tool of social mobility, or a guarded marker of elite privilege? Are there gendered or social distinctions in modes of education or the educational levels toward which an individual might aspire? How was mastery assessed? We welcome proposals on the methods, tools, and locations associated with religious education; theoretical discussions of social, cultural, religious, literary, technical, or gender formation; legislation and contracts relevant to apprenticeship/discipleship. In addition to these thematic topics, we are pleased to receive proposals that address any topic pertinent to the social history of formative Christianity and Judaism.

Program Unit Chairs

Gil P. Klein
Blake Leyerle

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