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2020 Annual Meeting

Virtual Meeting

Meeting Begins11/29/2020
Meeting Ends12/11/2020

Call for Papers Opens: 1/7/2020
Call for Papers Closes: 3/11/2020

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Accepting Papers? Yes

Call For Papers: At the 2020 Annual Meeting, we will have three sessions. -- 1. An open session on Joshua and Judges. Papers dealing with any topic related to either book are welcome. -- 2. Israel and foreign nations in Joshua and Judges: The status of Israel and its relationship with YHWH is often defined through Israel’s affairs with the foreign nations. Thus, analyzing the role of the foreign nations in Joshua and Judges may offer insights into the underlying “Israel” concepts and the authors’ perspectives on Israel’s “history.” Papers dealing with any aspect of this question are welcome. -- 3. The Book of Judges before the Judges (Judg 1:1-3:6): The first chapter of Judges tells stories of conquest and settlement outside the framework of most of the book, as the tribes here are not led by chieftains, and there is no one overarching narrative framework. Chapter 2 tells the story of the angel at Bochim (vv. 1-5), then the repeat of Joshua's death scene (vv. 6-10). Following this the text lays out "the Judges scheme" (vv. 11-23) and then lists the remaining peoples (3:1-6). Only at 3:7 do we arrive at a story of what can properly be called "a judge," that of Othniel (though even this is skipped over in the brief survey at the end of LXX Joshua 24, which jumps directly to Eglon). How are we to understand these opening units, their relationship to each other, to the rest of the book, and finally to the larger DtrH or Enneateuchal corpus? The session will be a mix of invited and open papers, with a respondent.

Program Unit Chairs

J. Cornelis de Vos
Zev Farber

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