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2023 Annual Meeting

San Antonio, Texas

Meeting Begins11/18/2023
Meeting Ends11/21/2023

Call for Papers Opens: 1/23/2023
Call for Papers Closes: 3/14/2023

Requirements for Participation

Pauline Theology

Program Unit Type: Section
Accepting Papers? Yes

Call For Papers: SESSION 1 THEME: PAUL AND MIGRATION. The Pauline Theology group welcomes proposals that address the theme of Paul and migration: Papers can discuss Paul in relation to migration in the first century, exile and/or refugee status in the Pauline letters, and identity as “other” in the Pauline corpus. The themes of movement, alienation, as well as trauma and suffering due to migration can also be discussed, including those seeking asylum or better economic opportunities. Additional questions include: Is Paul interested in migration by either ancient or modern standards? What role might the Pauline communities play in relating to migrants or migrating communities? Can one characterize Pauline communities as migratory? What, if anything, might the Pauline literature contribute to a theological framework for migration? Conversely, what might the field of migration studies contribute to a Pauline scholar’s reading of the Pauline texts? Do Paul’s letters indicate that Paul himself, his congregants, or his compatriots were struggling with migration? SESSION 2 THEME: PAUL AND ADOPTION AND KINSHIP. The Pauline Theology group invites papers that explore Paul and adoption and kinship through a variety of lenses: family, identity, power, belonging, allegiance, inheritance, wealth, suffering, as well as birth imagery. Additional questions around the theme of adoption and kinship include: Is Paul interested in adoption by either ancient or modern standards? How does one interpret the notion of adoption that Paul refers to in his letters? What role might adoption have had in the Pauline communities and how might they have understood this phenomenon? What might the Pauline literature contribute to a theological framework for contemporary issues in adoption and kinship? Were Paul himself, his congregants, or his compatriots struggling with understanding adoption and kinship by ancient standards or were they redefining adoption and kinship vis-à-vis their contemporaries?

Program Unit Chairs

Douglas Harink
Robert Moses

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