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2023 Annual Meeting

San Antonio, Texas

Meeting Begins11/18/2023
Meeting Ends11/21/2023

Call for Papers Opens: 1/23/2023
Call for Papers Closes: 3/14/2023

Requirements for Participation

Social Scientific Criticism of the New Testament

Program Unit Type: Section
Accepting Papers? Yes

Call For Papers: The SSCNT unit is pleased to offer four sessions this year. 1. "What Is Social Scientific Criticism in 2023? What Is Its Future." Participants will be invited. 2. "Jewish and Christian Utopian Communities of the Hellenistic-Roman Era." This joint session between the SSCNT unit and the Utopian Studies Consultation will focus on the theme “Jewish and Christian Utopian Communities of the Hellenistic-Roman Era.” We invite papers in this session to explore ways in which analysis of 19th and 20th century intentional communities through the lens of Utopian Studies can illuminate our understanding of intentional communities in the Hellenistic-Roman Era, such as the Essenes, Therapeutae, Jesus movement, etc. Submissions for this session should attend to theoretical work from within the field of Utopian Studies. Please submit proposals for this session directly to the Utopian Studies consultation. 3. "Religion and Economy in the Ancient Mediterranean." Joint session with the Early Christianity and the Ancient Economy unit. Like the term “religion,” “economy” is both an unstable signifier, in that it can be defined in multiple ways, and a heuristic device, in the sense that it may help to delimit a particular aspect of the broader social order that is of interest to the researcher. We solicit proposals exploring the intersection of religion and economy: What is gained or lost by bringing the categories together (e.g., “sacred economy,” “spiritual economies,” “theo-economics”)? In what ways might the conjunction of the two terms facilitate a redefinition or potentially a rejection of one or both categories? Conversely, how might bringing the categories together enrich discourses concerning “religion” and/or “economy”? Please submit proposals for this session directly to the ECAE unit. 4. Open Session. We enthusiastically seek papers on any aspect of the social-scientific study of the New Testament and/or early Christianity.

Program Unit Chairs

Erin Roberts
Tony Keddie

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