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2023 Annual Meeting

San Antonio, Texas

Meeting Begins11/18/2023
Meeting Ends11/21/2023

Call for Papers Opens: 1/23/2023
Call for Papers Closes: 3/14/2023

Requirements for Participation

Documentary Texts and Literary Interpretation

Program Unit Type: Consultation
Accepting Papers? Yes

Call For Papers: The Documentary Texts and Literary Interpretation (DTLI) unit welcomes paper proposals for an open session that focuses on a documentary textual source or dataset from the ancient world and its value for interpreting an ancient literary passage, particularly a literary work composed or used by ancient religious communities, such as from the HB/OT, Apocrypha, NT, the Iliad, Egyptian Book of the Dead, Enuma Elish, etc. Papers that (1) illustrate a critical (e)valuation of the documentary text(s), (2) show how the documentary source(s) may be responsibly used to frame the study of a literary work, and (3) that provide a new insight into the literary passage are highly desired. The DTLI loosely defines a documentary textual source as a surviving textual artifact that can be historically contextualized, preferably by an archaeological context or by a convincing argument made on material, scientific, and/or acquisitional grounds. A second invited session is planned.

Program Unit Chairs

Bronson Brown-deVost
James D. Moore

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