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2009 Annual Meeting

New Orleans, LA

Meeting Begins11/21/2009
Meeting Ends11/24/2009

Call for Papers Opens: 12/15/2008
Call for Papers Closes: 2/28/2009

Proposals must be submitted through the online system.

All presentations must be new presentations of the scholar's own original work.

Papers cannot be repeated in other sessions or at other SBL meetings.

Membership Requirements

  • SBL Program
    • SBL Membership is required at the time of a proposal for the SBL program
    • SBL Membership will be checked on June 15, 2006 and non-current members will be removed from the program at that time
    • SBL Membership must be current at time of Annual Meeting in November
    • AAR Members can receive a 1 time waiver for the SBL Program
  • Affiliate Organization Programs
    • Affiliate organization membership is required to participate.
Participation Limits
  • Participation is limited to two appearance total.
  • Presiding at a session counts as an appearance.
  • Appearances on Affiliate programs count towards this total.
  • SBL Committee and business sessions do not count towards this total
First Time Proposals
  • Members who have never read a paper at the Annual Meeting must submit the entire paper as a part of the proposal. Please contact the Program Unit Chair of the unit in question for details

Registration for Meeting

  • All meeting participants must be registered by May 15th. Registration will be checked and those not registered will be removed from the program


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