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2012 Annual Meeting

Chicago, IL

Meeting Begins11/16/2012
Meeting Ends11/20/2012

Call for Papers Opens: 2/8/2012
Call for Papers Closes: 3/7/2012


  • Program unit chairs should enter calls for papers by December 15.
  • All proposals are due by the date indicated on the main Annual Meeting webpage.
  • Program unit chairs should review and decide upon all proposals by April 1.
  • All session information, including audio-visual and scheduling requests, should be entered by April 1.

Participation Details

  • Full members of SBL are limited to participate in no more than two regular program sessions as a presenter, panelist, or respondent. Appearances on Affiliate programs do not count towards this total. SBL Committee and business sessions do not count towards this total.
  • Student members of SBL may participate in two sessions as presenter, panelist, or respondent but are limited to only one paper presentation. Appearances on Affiliate programs do not count towards this total. SBL Committee and business sessions do not count towards this total.



  • Proposals must be submitted through the online system.
  • Proposers (full and student members) who have not presented at the Annual Meeting must submit the paper to-be-read to the program unit chair(s) during the call for papers period (by March 1).
  • Proposals require presentation title and an abstract of approximately 300 words. Enter only your abstract in the abstract box. Do not put your paper title or your name in you abstract.
  • Papers are most often allotted 20-25 minutes in a session, with 5-10 minutes for discussion.
  • If you have a question about a particular program unit, email the chair listed in the Call for Papers for that unit.
  • All presentations must be new presentations of the scholar's own original work. In absentia presentations are not typically accepted.
  • Papers cannot be repeated in other sessions or at other SBL Annual or International Meetings.


  • Enter only your abstract in the abstract box. Do not include your paper title or your name in the abstract field.
  • Enter your paper title and abstract using the SBL Handbook of Style as a guide.
  • Translate or transliterate non-English text and limit diacritical notations to basic marks (e.g., ä, ç, é, ø).
  • Do not put quotation marks around your paper title.
  • Do not use all upper case letters (all caps) for your paper title.

Registration and Membership Requirements

SBL Program

  • SBL Membership is required at the time of a proposal for the SBL program.
  • SBL Membership will be checked by June 1 and non-current members will be removed from the program at that time.
  • SBL Membership must be current at time of the Annual Meeting.

Affiliate Organization Programs

  • Affiliate organization membership is required to participate.
  • If a member of an Affiliate organization intends to participate in an SBL session, the member is required to have current SBL membership.

Registration for Meeting

  • All meeting participants must be registered by June 1. Registration will be checked and those not registered will be removed from the program.

Waivers of Registration and/or Membership Requirements

  • The consideration for waiver is not simply whether one is or is not a "biblical scholar," but whether one works regularly with the literatures, histories, and cultures (material and social) that interface "Bible," broadly construed.
  • Membership in other related organizations (e.g., AAR, ASOR) does not qualify one for a waiver.
  • Waivers are granted on a one-time basis only. If a waiver recipient wishes to participate on the program a second time in subsequent years, he or she must join the SBL.
  • Waivers will not be granted to expired SBL members.
  • A waiver for the Annual Meeting includes:
    • Waiver of membership requirement;
    • Complimentary meeting registration;
  • The waivers program is administered by the Congresses staff in consultation with the Executive Director and the Annual Meeting Program Committee.
  • Waivers register using a waiver registration form, which is usually sent to all waiver recipients by May 15.


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