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In Memoriam
Memorial Donations

If you wish to make a contribution in honor or memory of someone special you may download  this form and mail it to:

Attn: SBL Development
Society of Biblical Literature
825 Houston Mill Road, Suite 350
Atlanta, Georgia 30329

David Noel Freedman Scholarship Award
To make a donation to the David Noel Freedman Scholarship Award, you may either donate online  or download the contribution form and mail it to the address listed at the bottom of the form.  If you have any questions, you may contact Glory Emekeme via e-mail or by phone at (404) 727-3151.
For more information on the Freedman Award, click here.

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for SBL members. Please notify SBL of the passing of a member here. 
2019 Donations made In Memory Of: 2019 Donations made In Honor Of:
B.F Meyer
David Bos
David Sanchez
Dennis Smith
Dr. Anneliese Baurose
Floyd M. Carter
Francois Bovon
Gail O'Day
Gary N Knoppers
Gene Tucker
George W. MacRae
Harry Orlinsky
Helmut Koester
Hester David James
Hugh Anderson
John H Hayes
John Priest
Jonathan Z. Smith
Lorenzo Tosco
Madelynn Jones Haldemann
Michael Cushman
Pete Diamond
Philip Davies
Reverend Samuel H. Martin
Richard Pervo
Sibley Towner
Simon B Parker
Turner John
Victor Furnish
Albert Aymer
Bruce Metzger
Daniel Patte
Donna Wanland
Eldon Epp
Felder Hope Cain
Herbert B. Huffmon
James Ackerman
John Kutsko
Joseph Blenkinsopp
Karen King
Krister Stendahl
Louis Stulman
Marvin Chaney
Mitchell M. Margaret
Phyllis A. Bird
Rabbi Michael Oppenheimer
Reverend Cristobal Dona
Robert Hall
W.H. Bellinger Jr.

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