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Ancient Israel and its Literature
The Ancient Israel and Its Literature (AIL) series publishes monographs, revised dissertations, and collections of essays on the history, culture, and literature of ancient Israel and Judah, particularly as these are reflected in or inform our reading of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament. Works on the social world of the biblical writings, the ancient Near Eastern context in which ancient Israel and Judah originated and lived, biblical or theological themes, or other comparable areas of study will also be considered.

The SBL Press AIL editorial board is led by series editor Thomas C. Römer (University of Lausanne) and includes the following members:
Susan Ackerman, Dartmough College
Thomas B. Dozeman, United Theological Seminary
Alphonso Groenewald, University of Pretoria
Shuichi Hasegawa, Rikkyo University
Konrad Schmid, Universität Zürich
Naomi A. Steinberg, DePaul University
For more information about publishing a book in this series, contact general editor Thomas C. Römer.

Saul, Benjamin, and the Emergence of Monarchy in Israel: Biblical and Archaeological Perspectives
edited by Joachim J. Krause, Omer Sergi, and Kristin Weingart, 2020, SBLAIL 40
paperback hardcover
Genre and Openness in Proverbs 10:1–22:16
by Suzanna R. Millar, 2020, SBLAIL 39
paperback hardcover
The Last Century in the History of Judah: The Seventh Century BCE in Archaeological, Historical, and Biblical Perspectives
edited by Filip Capek and Oded Lipschits, 2019, SBLAIL 37
paperback hardcover
Body as Landscape, Love as Intoxication: Conceptual Metaphors in the Song of Songs
by Brian P. Gault, 2019, SBLAIL 36
paperback hardcover
Prayers and the Construction of Israelite Identity
edited by Susanne Gillmayr-Bucher and Maria Häusl, 2019, SBLAIL 35
paperback hardcover
Hasmonean Realities behind Ezra, Nehemiah, and Chronicles: Archaeological and Historical Perspectives
by Israel Finkelstein, 2018, SBLAIL 34
paperback hardcover
Adopting the Stranger as Kindred in Deuteronomy
by Mark R. Glanville, 2018, SBLAIL 33
paperback hardcover
Poverty, Law, and Divine Justice in Persian and Hellenistic Judah
by Johannes Unsok Ro, 2018, SBLAIL 32
paperback hardcover
Sensing World, Sensing Wisdom: The Cognitive Foundation of Biblical Metaphors
by Nicole L. Tilford, 2017, SBLAIL 31
paperback hardcover
Life in Kings: Reshaping the Royal Story in the Hebrew Bible
by A. Graeme Auld, 2017, SBLAIL 30
paperback hardcover
The Book of the Twelve and Beyond: Collected Essays of James D. Nogalski
by James D. Nogalski, 2017, SBLAIL 29
paperback hardcover
Allusive Soundplay in the Hebrew Bible
by Jonathan G. Kline, 2016, SBLAIL 28
paperback hardcover
The Vision of the Priestly Narrative: Its Genre and Hermeneutics of Time
by Suzanne Boorer, 2016, SBLAIL 27
paperback hardcover
Negotiating Power in Ezra–Nehemiah
by Donna Laird, 2016, SBLAIL 26
paperback hardcover
Empirical Models Challenging Biblical Criticism
edited by Raymond F. Person Jr. and Robert Rezetko, 2016, SBLAIL 25
paperback hardcover
Dismembering the Whole: Composition and Purpose of Judges 19–21
by Cynthia Edenburg, 2016, SBLAIL 24
paperback hardcover
Was There a Wisdom Tradition? New Prospects in Israelite Wisdom Studies
edited by Mark R. Sneed, 2015, SBLAIL 23
paperback hardcover
Contextualizing Israel’s Sacred Writings: Ancient Literacy, Orality, and Literary Production
edited by Brian B. Schmidt, 2015, SBLAIL 22
paperback hardcover
The Prophets Speak on Forced Migration
edited by Mark J. Boda, Frank Ritchel Ames, John Ahn, and Mark Leuchter, 2015, SBLAIL 21
paperback hardcover
The Shape and Shaping of the Book of Psalms: The Current State of Scholarship
edited by Nancy L. deClaissé-Walford, 2014, SBLAIL 20
paperback hardcover
Constructing and Deconstructing Power in Psalms 107–150
by W. Dennis Tucker Jr., 2014, SBLAIL 19
paperback hardcover
Warfare, Ritual, and Symbol in Biblical and Modern Contexts
edited by Brad E. Kelle, Frank Ritchel Ames, and Jacob L. Wright, 2014, SBLAIL 18
paperback hardcover
Formation and Intertextuality in Isaiah 24–27
edited by J. Todd Hibbard and Hyun Chul Paul Kim, 2013, SBLAIL 17
paperback hardcover
Is Samuel among the Deuteronomists? Current Views on the Place of Samuel in a Deuteronomistic History
edited by Cynthia Edenburg and Juha Pakkala, 2013, SBLAIL 16
paperback hardcover
Prophets Male and Female: Gender and Prophecy in the Hebrew Bible, the Eastern Mediterranean, and the Ancient Near East
edited by Jonathan Stökl and Corrine L. Carvalho, 2013, SBLAIL 15
paperback hardcover
Israelite Prophecy and the Deuteronomistic History: Portrait, Reality, and the Formation of a History
edited by Mignon R. Jacobs and Raymond F. Person Jr., 2013, SBLAIL 14
paperback hardcover
Daughter Zion: Her Portrait, Her Response
edited by Mark J. Boda, Carol J. Dempsey, and LeAnn Snow Flesher, 2012, SBLAIL 13
paperback hardcover
The Politics of Pessimism in Ecclesiastes: A Social-Science Perspective
Mark R. Sneed, 2012, SBLAIL 12
Universalism and Particularism at Sodom and Gomorrah: Essays in Memory of Ron Pirson
Diana Lipton, ed., 2012, SBLAIL 11
Interpreting Exile: Displacement and Deportation in Biblical and Modern Contexts
Brad E. Kelle, Frank Ritchel Ames, and Jacob L. Wright, eds., 2011, SBLAIL 10
Levites and Priests in Biblical History and Tradition
Mark Leuchter and Jeremy M. Hutton, eds., 2011, SBLAIL 9
Pentateuch, Hexateuch, or Enneateuch? Identifying Literary Works in Genesis through Kings
Thomas B. Dozeman, Konrad Schmid, and Thomas Römer, eds., 2011, SBLAIL 8
Was 1 Esdras First? An Investigation into the Priority and Nature of 1 Esdras
Lisbeth S. Fried, ed., 2011, SBLAIL 7
The Deuteronomic History and the Book of Chronicles: Scribal Works in an Oral World
Raymond F. Person Jr., 2010, SBLAIL 6
Reading Law as Narrative: A Study in the Casuistic Laws of the Pentateuch
Assnat Bartor, 2010, SBLAIL 5
The Desert Will Bloom: Poetic Visions in Isaiah
A. Joseph Everson and Hyun Chul Paul Kim, eds., 2009, SBLAIL 4
Sign of the Covenant: Circumcision in the Priestly Tradition
David A. Bernat, 2009, SBLAIL 3
Israel’s Tabernacle as Social Space
Mark K. George, 2009, SBLAIL 2
Solomon’s Vineyard: Literary and Linguistic Studies in the Song of Songs
Scott B. Noegel and Gary A. Rendsburg, 2009, SBLAIL 1

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