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Archaeology and Biblical Studies
Archaeology and Biblical Studies seeks to promote the illumination of the Bible through archaeological, sociological, and historical studies. Preference is given to monographs or collections of essays that make an explicit connection with the Bible, but works illuminating Israelite religion or the culture of biblical peoples are also invited.

The SBL Press ABS editorial board is led by series editor Brian B. Schmidt (University of Michigan) and includes the following members:
Aaron Brody, Pacific School of Religion
Annie Caubet, Musée du Louvre
Billie Jean Collins, Emory University
Israel Finkelstein, Tel Aviv University
André Lemaire, École Pratique des Hautes Études
Amihai Mazar, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Herbert Niehr, Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen
Christoph Uehlinger, Universität Zürich
For more information about publishing a book in this series, contact series editor Brian B. Schmidt.

Caring for the Dead in Ancient Israel
by Kerry M. Sonia, 2020, SBLABS 27
Paperback Hardcover
The History and Archaeology of Phoenicia
by Hélène Sader, 2019, SBLABS 25
Paperback Hardcover
Sennacherib, King of Assyria
by Josette Elayi, 2018, SBLABS 24
Paperback Hardcover
Growing Up in Ancient Israel: Children in Material Culture and Biblical Texts
by Kristine Henriksen Garroway, 2018, SBLABS 23
Paperback Hardcover
Sargon II, King of Assyria
by Josette Elayi, 2017, SBLABS 22
Paperback Hardcover
Phoenician Aniconism in Its Mediterranean and Ancient Near Eastern Contexts
by Brian R. Doak, 2015, SBLABS 21
Paperback Hardcover
Tel Dan in Its Northern Cultic Context
by Andrew R. Davis, 2013, SBLABS 20
Paperback Hardcover
New Inscriptions and Seals Relating to the Biblical World
edited by Meir Lubetski and Edith Lubetski, 2012, SBLABS 19
Paperback Hardcover
Judah in the Neo-Babylonian Period: The Archaeology of Desolation
by Avraham Faust, 2012, SBLABS 18
Paperback Hardcover
The Quest for the Historical Israel: Debating Archaeology and the History of Early Israel
by Israel Finkelstein and Amihai Mazar; edited by Brian B. Schmidt, 2007, SBLABS 17
Paperback Hardcover
Centrality Practiced: Jerusalem in the Religious Practice of Yehud and the Diaspora in the Persian Period
by Melody D. Knowles, 2006, SBLABS 16
The Philistines and Other “Sea Peoples” in Text and Archaeology
edited by Ann E. Killebrew and Gunnar Lehmann, 2013, SBLABS 15
Paperback Hardcover
The Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls
by C. D. Elledge, 2005, SBLABS 14
A Political History of the Arameans: From Their Origins to the End of Their Polities
by K. Lawson Younger Jr., 2016, SBLABS 13
Paperback Hardcover
Writing and Literacy in the World of Ancient Israel: Epigraphic Evidence from the Iron Age
by Christopher A. Rollston, 2010, SBLABS 11
Who Were the Babylonians?
by Bill T. Arnold, 2004, SBLABS 10
Biblical Peoples and Ethnicity: An Archaeological Study of Egyptians, Canaanites, Philistines, and Early Israel, 1300-1100 B.C.E.
by Ann E. Killebrew, 2005, SBLABS 9
Between Text and Artifact: Integrating Archaeology in Biblical Studies Teaching
edited by Milton C. Moreland, 2003, SBLABS 8
The Hittites and Their World
by Billie Jean Collins, 2007, SBLABS 7

Daily Life in Biblical Times
by Oded Borowski, 2003, SBLABS 5
Theology, History, and Archaeology in the Chronicler's Account of Hezekiah
by Andrew G. Vaughn, 1999, SBLABS 4
Gaps in the numbering of volumes in the series indicate that a title is out of print or has been accepted for publication but not yet published.

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