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Early Christianity and its Literature
The Early Christianity and Its Literature (ECL) series publishes monographs, revised dissertations, and collections of essays on the history, culture, and literature of the New Testament and early Christianity (normally within the pre-Constantinian period). Works submitted are subject to rigorous (double) review. The aim of the series is to publish innovative work representing the range of methods and perspectives in contemporary New Testament and early Christian studies.

The SBL Press ECL editorial board is led by general editor Shelly Matthews (Brite Divinity School) and includes the following members:
Jennifer A. Glancy, Le Moyne College
Meira Kensky, Coe College
Joseph A. Marchal, Ball State University
Anders Runesson, University of Oslo
Matthew Thiessen, McMaster University

For more information about publishing a book in this series, contact general editor Shelly Matthews.

Matthew within Judaism: Israel and the Nations in the First Gospel
edited by Anders Runesson and Daniel M. Gurtner, 2020, SBLECL 27
paperback hardcover
Interfigural Readings of the Gospel of John
by Ingrid Rosa Kitzberger, 2019, SBLECL 26
paperback hardcover
Textual Signposts in the Argument of Romans: A Relevance-Theory Approach
by Sarah H. Casson, 2019, SBLECL 25
paperback hardcover
The Ways That Often Parted: Essays in Honor of Joel Marcus
edited by Lori Baron, Jill Hicks-Keeton, and Matthew Thiessen, 2018, SBLECL 24
paperback hardcover
Negotiating the Disabled Body: Representations of Disability in Early Christian Texts
by Anna Rebecca Solevåg, 2018, SBLECL 23
paperback hardcover
Redescribing the Gospel of Mark
edited by Barry S. Crawford and Merrill P. Miller, 2017, SBLECL 22
paperback hardcover
Metaphor, Morality, and the Spirit in Romans 8:1–17
by William E. W. Robinson, 2016, SBLECL 20
paperback hardcover
Resurrection in Paul: Cognition, Metaphor, and Transformation
by Frederick S. Tappenden, 2016, SBLECL 19
paperback hardcover
John, Jesus, and History, Volume 3: Glimpses of Jesus through the Johannine Lens
edited by Paul N. Anderson, Felix Just, S.J., and Tom Thatcher, 2016, SBLECL 18
paperback hardcover
The People beside Paul: The Philippian Assembly and History from Below
edited by Joseph A. Marchal, 2015, SBLECL 17
paperback hardcover
Keeping the Feast: Metaphors of Sacrifice in 1 Corinthians and Philippians
by Jane Lancaster Patterson, 2015, SBLECL 16
paperback hardcover
Jesus the Central Jew: His Times and His People
by André LaCocque, 2015, SBLECL 15
paperback hardcover
The Didache: A Missing Piece of the Puzzle in Early Christianity
edited by Jonathan A. Draper and Clayton N. Jefford, 2015, SBLECL 14
paperback hardcover
Communities in Dispute: Current Scholarship on the Johannine Epistles
edited by R. Alan Culpepper and Paul N. Anderson, 2014, SBLECL 13
paperback hardcover
Paul as Infant and Nursing Mother: Metaphor, Rhetoric, and Identity in 1 Thessalonians 2:5–8
by Jennifer Houston McNeel, 2014, SBLECL 12
paperback hardcover
The Galilean Economy in the Time of Jesus
edited by David A. Fiensy and Ralph K. Hawkins, 2013, SBLECL 11
paperback hardcover
Rethinking Paul's Rhetorical Education: Comparative Rhetoric and 2 Corinthians 10–13
by Ryan S. Schellenberg, 2013, SBLECL 10
paperback hardcover
Paul and Scripture: Extending the Conversation
edited by Christopher D. Stanley, 2012, SBLECL 9
paperback hardcover
Two Shipwrecked Gospels: The Logoi of Jesus and Papias's Exposition of Logia about the Lord
by Dennis R. MacDonald, 2012, SBLECL 8
Unity and Diversity in the Gospels and Paul: Essays in Honor of Frank J. Matera
edited by Christopher W. Skinner and Kelly R. Iverson, 2012, SBLECL 7
Jesus’ Parable of the Rich Fool: Luke 12:13–34 among Ancient Conversations on Death and Possessions
by Matthew S. Rindge, 2011, SBLECL 6
Redescribing Paul and the Corinthians
edited by Ron Cameron and Merrill P. Miller, 2011, SBLECL 5
Colossians: Encouragement to Walk in All Wisdom as Holy Ones in Christ
by John Paul Heil, 2010, SBLECL 4
Philippians: Let Us Rejoice in Being Conformed to Christ
by John Paul Heil, 2010, SBLECL 3
John, Jesus, and History, Volume 2: The Dehistoricization of John and Aspects of Historicity in the Fourth Gospel
Paul N. Anderson, Felix Just, S.J., and Tom Thatcher, eds., 2009, SBLECL 2
Rethinking the Gospel Sources: Volume 2: The Unity and Plurality of Q
Delbert Burkett, 2009, SBLECL 1

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