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Text-Critical Studies
Text-Critical Studies publishes monographs, reference works, and collections of essays related to the textual criticism of the Hebrew Bible, New Testament, and closely related works. Individual volumes may investigate methodological issues, individual manuscripts, or selected passages.

The Text-Critical Studies editorial board is led by series editor Juan Hernández Jr. and includes the following members:
Todd R. Hanneken
Roderic L. Mullen
W. Andrew Smith
For more information about publishing a book in this series, contact the series editor Juan Hernández Jr.


Textual Criticism and the New Testament Text: Theory, Practice, and Editorial Technique
by Eberhard W. Güting, 2020, SBLTCS 12
Paperback Hardcover
Studies in the History of the Greek Text of the Apocalypse: The Ancient Stems
by Josef Schmid; translated by Juan Hernández Jr., Garrick V. Allen, and Darius Müller, 2018, SBLTCS 11
Paperback Hardcover
Steps to a New Edition of the Hebrew Bible
by Ronald Hendel, 2016, SBLTCS 10
Paperback Hardcover
A User’s Guide to the Nestle-Aland 28 Greek New Testament
by David Trobisch, 2013, SBLTCS 9
Paperback Hardcover
The Textual History of the Greek New Testament: Changing Views in Contemporary Research
edited by Klaus Wachtel and Michael W. Holmes, 2011, SBLTCS 8
Multiple Originals: New Approaches to Hebrew Bible Textual Criticism
by Gary D. Martin, 2010, SBLTCS 7
The Freer Biblical Manuscripts: Fresh Studies of an American Treasure Trove
edited by Larry W. Hurtado, 2006, SBLTCS 6
Apologetic Discourse and the Scribal Tradition: Evidence of the Influence of Apologetic Interests on the Text of the Canonical Gospels
by Wayne C. Kannaday, 2004, SBLTCS 5
Rewriting the Sacred Text: What the Old Greek Texts Tell Us about the Literary Growth of the Bible
by Kristin De Troyer, 2003, SBLTCS 4
Retroverting Slavonic Pseudepigrapha: Toward the Original of the Apocalypse of Abraham
by Alexander Kulik, 2004, SBLTCS 3
A Catalog of Biblical Passages in the Dead Sea Scrolls
by David L. Washburn, 2002, SBLTCS 2
Studies in the Early Text of the Gospels and Acts: The Papers of the First Birmingham Colloquium on the Textual Criticism of the New Testament
edited by D. G. K. Taylor, 1999, SBLTCS 1


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