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A Calendar of Events for Biblical and Religious Studies
Events that are of interest to SBL members may be submitted to Sharon Johnson.  Inclusion in the calendar does not constitute an endorsement by SBL of the event. Minor editorial revisions may be made for stylistic purposes and for reasons of length. Submissions must include a link for more information - either a website or an email link. We cannot host PDF documents.

March 2020
3/20-3/23 American Oriental Society Annual Meeting (cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak)
Boston Massachussetts
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3/31 Deadline: Call for Papers
Colloquium Biblicum Lovaniense LXIX, 2020 (President: Jan Willem van Henten, University of Amsterdam)

The reception history of the four Books of the Maccabees is as rich as it is diverse. The relevance of these books is apparent from the multi-faceted ongoing recent scholarship, which can be characterized by the incorporation of literary approaches, a renewed interest in historical issues and the contemporary political and cultural contexts of the books, a more systematic discussion of religious and theological themes and a more intense study of the reception history. Nevertheless, we are still in need of elaborate analyses of the literary aspects of the Maccabean Books. The recent publication of a decree during Seleucus IV’s rule calls for a re-assessment of 1 and 2 Maccabees as historical sources as well as renewed contextualizations of the books as historical documents. How do the Maccabean books articulate the interactions of religion with politics and culture? What could be the theological relevance of 1-4 Maccabees? Finally, the reception history of the Maccabean Books also deserves further study.

CALL FOR SHORT PAPERS: Short paper proposals (including name, institutional affiliation, postal address, e-mail address, title and abstract of ca. 200 words) should be sent to: Jan Willem van Henten, President CBL 2020, no later than 31 March 2020.
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April 2020
4/30 CFP Deadline: Women and Gender in the Bible and the Biblical World
“Open Theology” ( invites submissions for the topical issue "Women and Gender in the Bible and the Biblical World”, prepared in collaboration with the conference "Women and Gender in the Bible and the Ancient World", held by University of Glasgow.
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May 2020
June 2020

Sailing with the Gods: Religion and Maritime Mobility in the Ancient World
Sponsored by: The Society for Ancient Mediterranean Religions
Location: Grand Hotel Excelsior, Floriana, Malta
Studies of religion and maritime mobility are often framed within individual cultural contexts, but this international conference seeks to bring together scholars from across a range of disciplines and historical periods, from prehistoric to the seventh century CE, to address critical questions in method and theory relevant to religion in the context of maritime mobility.
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The Central Archives of the Religious Orders
The Sangalli Institute for the religious history and cultures of Florence announced its first workshop on the central archives of the religious orders. This workshop will focus on the archives of some important religious orders and on their materials, providing especially, but not only, to young scholars in Humanities a new perspective on global Catholicism from the early-modern period until the contemporary age. The workshop will offer a multi-disciplinary approach to the role played by the religious orders and their impact from an historical, ethno-anthropological and art historical point of view, and on a global scale.
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July 2020
7/5-7/9 2020 SBL International Meeting- CANCELLED
University of Adelaide, Adelaide Australia
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7/22- 7/24 Colloquium Biblicum Lovaniense LXIX, 2020
The Colloquium Biblicum Lovaniense is an annual international conference on Biblical Studies jointly organised by the theological faculties of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and the Université Catholique de Louvain. The meetings take place in the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies at the KU Leuven and are alternately dedicated to a topic in Old and in New Testament Studies. The Colloquium offers a forum and meeting place for research and scholarly discussion in the field of Biblical Studies. As a rule the annual conference focuses on a biblical book or a collection of writings, but it also addresses thematic subjects.
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August 2020
September 2020
9/7-9/11 International Summer School on Biblical Hebrew Poetry
At KU Leuven. Largely considered one of the poetic gems of biblical literature, the Song of Songs (henceforth, Song) was commented upon more than any other biblical book, especially in the Middle Ages. Not only has the Song been one of the most inspiring biblical poems for both Jewish and Christian theologians, it has also fired up the souls and creativity of countless writers and artists throughout the centuries. This Summer School intends to provide its participants with a thorough investigation of the Song of Song's poetry and its reception in Judaism, from the Rabbinic period to the Middle Ages. International experts in the field will offer lectures and workshops.
Deadline for registration : May 31 2020
October 2020
10/21-10/22 From the Books of Enoch to Genesis Apocryphon: The Aramaic Manuscripts of 1 Enoch and Related Apocalyptic Traditions
The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin. The conference offers a platform for all scholars to reflect on, and deepen the understanding of, the linguistic, philological, literary, and exegetical aspects of Enochic apocalyptic literature whose most ancient layer of tradition is readily available in its Aramaic manuscripts from Qumran.
November 2020
December 2020

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