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Council News
Council News and Update: Post-April 2018 Meeting

The SBL Council held its spring meeting on April 21-22, 2018, after an orientation for new Council members, Tat-Siong Benny Liew, Laura Nasrallah, and Vice President Gale Yee, on April 20. The Council received reports from Executive Director John Kutsko, the General Editor of JBL, and the Professional Development Committee, as well as regular reports from Staff Departments, including SBL Press, Congresses, and Membership.  Council also received and approved the preliminary budget for the 2018-2019 fiscal year.  The Nominating Committee presented nominations for new members on several committees, including Council, Annual Meeting Program Committee, Professional Development Committee, Status of Women in the Profession Committee, and Regional Coordinators Committee.  Council also approved the creation of a Joint Task Force with AAR on Regional Meetings. The Executive Committee of Council (Chair, President, Vice President and Council Secretary, along with the ED) will follow up on naming SBL members to serve on this Task Force. Among the generative topics discussed by Council during this meeting was the future of the field of biblical studies in the light of our SBL Member Profile and job market statistics.  Council agreed that conversations about the field in terms of both undergraduate humanities education as well as graduate theological education need to be broadened in future efforts. Council had a very good video conversation with Mark Chancey, Chair of the SBL Educational Resources and Review Committee, specifically about the ERRC’s outstanding work on developing curricula for high school education on the Bible. Finally, Council was pleased to receive news from ED Kutsko that significant progress has been made on the SBL-AAR Joint Venture Agreement for future annual meetings.  A final agreement is expected to be in place soon.

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