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2012 Annual Meeting

Chicago, IL

Meeting Begins: 11/16/2012
Meeting Ends: 11/20/2012

Note that the deadline for paper proposals is 11:59 PM (23:59) Eastern Standard Time (UTC -5) on the day PREVIOUS to the deadline below.

Call For Papers Opens: 2/8/2012
Call For Papers Closes: 3/8/2012
Requirements for Participation

Sabbath in Text and Tradition

Program Unit Type: Seminar
Accepting Papers? Yes

Call For Papers: The Sabbath in Text and Tradition Group invites papers on two linked themes. Papers may discuss any topic within the two themes, which are meant to suggest possibilities rather than limit them. Authors may approach the topic from any perspective – historical, religio-cultural, textual, tradition history or other theoretical models. Papers will be distributed in advance to members of the Sabbath Group to enhance dialogue and collaboration. The Sabbath and the Created World: Early biblical texts link the seven days of God’s creation with the construction of the Sabbath. Later texts (biblical and post-biblical) seek varied points of origin for Sabbath activities, including the building of the Tabernacle, the manna in the desert, the Exodus in Egypt and others. This session will explore the relationship between creation, the created world and the Sabbath, addressing issues such the various justifications for a seven-day Sabbath cycle; the Sabbath as imitatio Dei; similarity and divergence between divine and human acts of creation and the Sabbath; biblical and post-biblical understandings of the Sabbath’s relationship to Creation; environmental implications of Creation and rest; the sabbatical cycle; the impact of Sabbath observance on the created world and other related questions. The Sabbath and the World to Come: Many biblical texts posit the existence of a “World to Come,” an idealized state that will exist when the world transcends its present reality. The Sabbath has been linked to this future state in numerous ways. This session will examine the biblical and post-biblical Sabbath as they relate to the World to Come, including the Sabbath as foretaste and/or harbinger; the relationship between Messiah, Messianic Age and Sabbath; Sabbath observance as speeding (or non-observance as hindering) the arrival of the World to Come; concepts of perfection and wholeness on the Sabbath and in the World to Come and other related questions.

Program Unit Chairs

Aaron D. Panken
Edward Allen

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