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International Cooperation Initiative (ICI)
The SBL launched the International Cooperation Initiative to foster biblical scholarship and to facilitate mutual cooperation among colleagues. Anyone interested in participating in the work of the ICI should contact one of the following members of the ICI Board: 

Questions and comments are welcomed. Support is also welcome!

Read about ICI objectives in the 2007 SBL Society Report

SBL Forum articles that precipitated this initiative:

Ehud Ben Zvi,  The Future of the Society

Gerald West,  The Future of the Society

Kent Harold Richards, The Future of SBL: Dialogue with Members
Open-Access Book Series

Two open-access book series are published through the ICI program:

Why You Should Submit Your Manuscript or Proposal to the Online, Open-Access Ancient Near East Monograph Series
by Alan Lenzi

  Ancient Near East Monographs

International Voices in Biblical Studies
Teaching Collaboration/ Mentoring Program

SBL hosts two databases that allow scholars, students, and institutions to establish contact and make arrangements for various types of scholarly exchange.
How are SBL members are taking advantage of the ICI Scholarly Exchange program?
Jonathan David Lawrence shares how the ICI Scholarly Exchange program provided an opportunity to teach in the South Pacific
How Videoconferencing with International Scholars Can Enliven Your Classroom  By Kelley N. Coblentz Bautch
  Scholarly Exchange Lists

Liaison Network

The goal of the ICI Liaison Network is to establish open lines of communication that will promote awareness of the resources and opportunities made available through the ICI to scholars, teachers, and students and to communicate and develop an awareness of the scholarly work done in ICI countries. There are liaisons in several countries and SBL is working to build upon this base and extend the representation to more areas.

The ICI volunteer coordinator is Tim Langille. SBL members in ICI countries who wish to become liaisons or in countries for which there is already a representative in the Liaison Network are encouraged to contact Tim to volunteer to further ICI and its goals. There are opportunities on the local level to coordinate with the country representatives. All SBL members, regardless of their country of domicile, are asked to suggest colleagues in ICI countries who might be willing to participate in this initiative.

  Click here to see the liaisons listed by country.
Calendar of Events

SBL encourages participation in scholarly conferences and workshops worldwide including those organized and sponsored independent of SBL.

In order to facilitate attendance by those in ICI countries at SBL Congresses, Samantha Spitzner has been appointed as the SBL visa coordinator. Samantha will advise members who need visas in order to travel to and participate in the Annual or International Meetings. She will not prepare applications, but will be a source of information to aid members in submitting applications and will provide letters of intent if needed by those participating in the meeting as presenters or board members. For more information, please contact Samantha directly.

   The Calendar of Events for Biblical and Religious Studies.

Contact Tech Support to provide information related to your event so that it can be included on the calendar
Online Books
ICI provides free electronic access to many SBL publications to those in ICI-qualifying countries. Our publishing partners, Baylor University Press, Brown Judaic Studies, Catholic Biblical Association, Fortress Press, Gorgias Press, Sheffield Phoenix Press, Westminster John Knox Press and Wiley-Blackwell also participate in this program. Books from these publishers are listed alphabetically by author along with SBL titles on the Online Books page and can be identified by ICI participants through the book series listings. Online Books page 

Online books are limited to countries listed here.
Reduced Membership Rates

As a Society, our mission is to “Foster Biblical Scholarship.” We believe that we embody this mission best when biblical scholars from around the globe are included in our conversation. Members from qualifying countries who can afford to pay our regular membership rates are encouraged to do so. In addition, members from any country are encouraged to sponsor the membership of others who cannot afford to join.

The rates offered to individuals in ICI-qualifying countries are US$15 for full members and US$10 for student members. The form with these rates can be found on our Online Books page.

  To find reduced membership rates application, log in on the Online Books page

Special note to students from ICI countries matriculating outside your home country and others temporarily away from their residence: In order to receive the SBL ICI membership rate, please contact Navar Steed indicating your country of permanent residence and the circumstances of your current educational or residential situation. An ICI membership form can be emailed to you if you qualify for the reduced ICI rate

Questions? SBL Customer Service Department

Journal Subscriptions

Institutions located in countries that qualify for the Online Books also qualify for reduced subscription rates to the Journal of Biblical Literature and the Review of Biblical Literature. With these reduced rates, a print JBL subscription costs $35 plus shipping and a print RBL subscription costs $20 plus shipping. Forms for these reduced rates and free access to recent JBL archives can be found on our Online Books page.


To find reduced journal subscription rates application, log in on the  Online Books page

Questions? SBL Customer Service Department

JSTOR Journal Discount Programs
African Access Initiative
JSTOR has waived the standard participation fees (the Archive Capital Fee and the Annual Access Fee) for any not-for-profit institution in a country on the continent of Africa.

Developing Nations Access Initiative
JSTOR has waived or offered reduced participation fees for any academic or not-for-profit institution in developing countries (and all of Africa).

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