The Society of Biblical Literature was founded in 1880 to foster biblical scholarship.
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The Society of Biblical Literature is the oldest and largest international scholarly membership organization in the field of biblical studies. Founded in 1880, the Society has grown to over 8,500 international members including teachers, students, religious leaders and individuals from all walks of life who share a mutual interest in the critical investigation of the Bible.
Resources for Biblical Study
Resources for Biblical Study offers a variety of tools for teaching and research appropriate to biblical studies and cognate fields, including classroom texts, language tools, compilations of key articles in the history of research, collections of essays illustrating methodological issues, and reference works.

For more information about publishing a book in this series, contact the appropriate series editor, Marvin A. Sweeney (Claremont School of Theology) Old Testament/Hebrew Bible, or Tom Thatcher (Cinncinnati Christian University) New Testament.

For a complete list of titles available in this series and a PDF form for establishing a standing order, click here.

Current Issues in Priestly and Related Literature: The Legacy of Jacob Milgrom and Beyond
edited by Roy E. Gane and Ada Taggar-Cohen, 2015, SBLRBS 82
Paperback Hardcover
Abiding Words: The Use of Scripture in the Gospel of John
edited by Alicia D. Myers and Bruce G. Schuchard, 2015, SBLRBS 81
Paperback Hardcover
Untold Tales from the Book of Revelation: Sex and Gender, Empire and Ecology
by Stephen D. Moore, 2014, SBLRBS 79
Paperback Hardcover
Myth and Scripture: Contemporary Perspectives on Religion, Language, and Imagination
edited by Dexter E. Callender Jr., 2014, SBLRBS 78
Paperback Hardcover
Reading 1–2 Peter and Jude: A Resource for Students
edited by Eric F. Mason and Troy W. Martin, 2014, SBLRBS 77
Paperback Hardcover
Qumran Hebrew: An Overview of Orthography, Phonology, and Morphology
by Eric D. Reymond, 2014, SBLRBS 76
Paperback Hardcover
Evidence of Editing: Growth and Change of Texts in the Hebrew Bible
by Reinhard Müller, Juha Pakkala, Bas ter Haar Romeny, 2014, SBLRBS 75
Paperback Hardcover
Imprints, Voiceprints, and Footprints of Memory: Collected Essays of Werner H. Kelber
by Werner H. Kelber, 2013, SBLRBS 74
Paperback Hardcover
Reading Paul’s Letter to the Romans
edited by Jerry L. Sumney, 2013, SBLRBS 73
Paperback Hardcover
The Samaritan Pentateuch: An Introduction to Its Origin, History, and Significance for Biblical Studies
by Robert T. Anderson and Terry Giles, 2012, SBLRBS 72
Paperback Hardcover
Social Theory and the Study of Israelite Religion: Essays in Retrospect and Prospects
edited by Saul M. Olyan, 2012, SBLRBS 71
The Hebrew Bible and Philosophy of Religion
by Jaco Gericke, 2012, SBLRBS 70
Paperback Hardcover
Editing the Bible: Assessing the Task Past and Present
edited by John S. Kloppenborg and Judith H. Newman, 2012, SBLRBS 69
Ritual and Metaphor: Sacrifice in the Bible
edited by Christian A. Eberhart, 2011, SBLRBS 68
Method and Meaning: Essays on New Testament Interpretation in Honor of Harold W. Attridge
edited by Andrew B. McGowan and Kent Harold Richards, 2011, SBLRBS 67
Reading the Epistle to the Hebrews: A Resource for Students
edited by Eric F. Mason and Kevin B. McCruden, 2011, SBLRBS 66
Mark as Story: Retrospect and Prospect
edited by Kelly R. Iverson and Christopher W. Skinner, 2011, SBLRBS 65
Shadow on the Steps: Time Measurement in Ancient Israel
by David Miano, 2010, SBLRBS 64
History of Biblical Interpretation, Volume 4: From the Englightenment to the Twentieth Century
by Henning Graf Reventlow, 2010, SBLRBS 63
History of Biblical Interpretation, Volume 3: Rennaissance, Reformation, Humanism
by Henning Graf Reventlow, 2010, SBLRBS 62
History of Biblical Interpretation, Volume 2: From Late Antiquity to the End of the Middle Ages
by Henning Graf Reventlow, 2009, SBLRBS 61
The Craft of History and the Study of the New Testament
by Beth M. Sheppard, 2012, SBLRBS 60
Paperback Hardcover
Memory, Jesus, and the Synoptic Gospels
by Robert K. McIver, 2011, SBLRBS 59
The Story of the New Testament Text: Movers, Materials, Motives, Methods, and Models
by Robert F. Hull Jr., 2010, SBLRBS 58
The Bible in Theory: Critical and Postcritical Essays
by Stephen D. Moore, 2010, SBLRBS 57
Method Matters: Essays on the Interpretation of the Hebrew Bible in Honor of David L. Petersen
edited by Joel M. Lemon and Kent Harold Richards, 2009, SBLRBS 56
Anatomies of Narrative Criticism: The Past, Present, and Futures of the Fourth Gospel as Literature
edited by Tom Thatcher and Stephen D. Moore, 2008, SBLRBS 55
New Currents through John: A Global Perspective
edited by Francisco Lozada Jr. and Tom Thatcher, 2006, SBLRBS 54
Teaching the Bible through Popular Culture and the Arts
edited by Mark Roncace and Patrick Gray, 2007, SBLRBS 53
The Rituals and Myths of the Feast of the Goodly Gods of KTU/CAT 1.23: Royal Constructions of Opposition, Intersection, Integration, and Domination
by Mark S. Smith, 2006, SBLRBS 51
History of Biblical Interpretation, Volume 1: From the Old Testament to Origen
by Henning Graf Reventlow, 2009, SBLRBS 50
Teaching the Bible: Practical Strategies for Classroom Instruction
edited by Mark Roncace and Patrick Gray, 2005, SBLRBS 49
Hebrew for Biblical Interpretation
by Arthur Walker-Jones, 2003, SBLRBS 48
An Introduction to Aramaic, 2nd ed.
by Frederick E. Greenspahn, 2003, SBLRBS 46
Trajectories in Near Eastern Apocalyptic: A Postrabbinic Jewish Apocalypse Reader
by John C. Reeves, 2005, SBLRBS 45
Reading the Book of Revelation: A Resource for Students
edited by David L. Barr, 2003, SBLRBS 44
Building Your New Testament Greek Vocabulary, 3rd ed.
by Robert E. Van Voorst, 2001, SBLRBS 43
Beyond Babel: A Handbook for Biblical Hebrew and Related Languages
edited by John Kaltner and Steven L. McKenzie, 2002, SBLRBS 42
Building Your Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary: Learning Words by Frequency and Cognate
by George M. Landes, 2001, SBLRBS 41
Old Testament Exegesis: A Guide to the Methodology, 2nd ed.
by Odil Hannes Steck; translated by James D. Nogalski, 1998, SBLRBS 39
A Concise Coptic-English Lexicon, 2nd ed.
by Richard Smith, 1999, SBLRBS 35
Greco-Roman Perspectives on Friendship
edited by John T. Fitzgerald, 1997, SBLRBS 34
Rock Inscriptions and Graffiti Project: Catalogue of Inscriptions, vol. 3: Inscriptions 6001-8500
edited by Michael E. Stone, 1994, SBLRBS 31

Akkadian Grammar
by Arthur Ungnad; revised by Lubor Matous; translated by Harry A. Hoffner Jr., 1992, SBLRBS 30
Paperback Cloth
Rock Inscriptions and Graffiti Project: Catalogue of Inscriptions, vol. 2: Inscriptions 3001-6000
edited by Michael E. Stone, 1992, SBLRBS 29
Rock Inscriptions and Graffiti Project: Catalogue of Inscriptions, vol. 1: Inscriptions 1-3000
edited by Michael E. Stone, 1992, SBLRBS 28
A Latin-Greek Index of the Vulgate New Testament
by Theodore A. Bergren, 1991, SBLRBS 26
Lexical Semantics of the Greek New Testament
by Eugene A. Nida and Johannes P. Louw, 1992, SBLRBS 25
The Pre-biblical Narrative Tradition: Essays on the Ugaritic Poems Keret and Aqhat
by Simon B. Parker, 1989, SBLRBS 24
A Grammar of Epigraphic Hebrew
by Sandra Landis Gogel, 1998, SBLRBS 23
Narrative Parallels to the New Testament
compiled and edited by Francis Martin, 1988, SBLRBS 22
Greco-Roman Literature and the New Testament: Selected Forms and Genres
edited by David E. Aune, 1988, SBLRBS 21
Ancient Epistolary Theorists
by Abraham J. Malherbe, 1988, SBLRBS 19
Extracanonical Sayings of Jesus
by William D. Stroker, 1989, SBLRBS 18
Prophecy in Cross-Cultural Perspective: A Sourcebook for Biblical Researchers
by Thomas W. Overholt, 1986, SBLRBS 17
Greek Historical Documents: The Hellenistic Period
by Roger S. Bagnall and Peter Derow, 1981, SBLRBS 16
Sources for the Study of Greek Religion
by David G. Rice and John E. Stambaugh, 1979, SBLRBS 14
Conflict at Colossae: A Problem in the Interpretation of Early Christianity Illustrated by Selected Modern Studies
edited by Fred O. Francis and Wayne A. Meeks, 1973, SBLRBS 4

Gaps in the numbering of volumes in the series indicate that a title is out of print or has been accepted for publication but not yet published.

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