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The Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) is committed to the support and professional development of its student members. In affirmation of this support, the Student Advisory Board (SAB, previously the Student Advisory Group) was officially launched at the 2005 Annual Meeting of the Society in Philadelphia, PA. The establishment and ongoing promotion of SAB testifies to the Society’s dedication to fostering student membership and participation in the activities of the Society.

SAB functions as a Board within the Society’s governance structure, and as such is composed of appointed individuals, both student members of the Society and a faculty liaison, who work to advise the SBL Council regarding issues and opportunities relating to student membership and participation in the Society as a whole. SAB also has as its core mandate the coordination of student participation across all Society activities, committees, and programs in an effort to foster opportunities for student participation and leadership development. In order to achieve this mandate, SAB works to encourage student attendance and active participation at regional, national, and international congresses, with a focus on paper presentations and professional skills development; to link SBL student membership to effective, working resources for skills advancement, facilitated through the development and maintenance of communication tools such as a webpage and newsletter (look for it in January 2012!); and to provide support in the development, review and evaluation of SBL policies and procedures as relating to student membership and participation and to make recommendations, where appropriate, to SBL Council on these matters.

Please contact Ross Ponder if you have questions or would like to volunteer to become an On-campus Student Representative.


A Student Newsletter was started in 2012. See the first issue of Dialogos here. They will be posted with the other SBL Newsletters on the Society News page. More information on Student Activities can be found on the Student Page.

 SAB Committee Members 

Krista Dalton

Dallas Flippin

Jan H. Nylund

Jee Hei Park

Ross P. Ponder - Chair

Jason Anthony Riley

Michele Stopera Freyhauf

Erin Walsh

Thomas Whitley

Charles Haws - Staff Liaison

Student Professional Development Sessions
SAB is committed to the professional development of graduate students. We know how challenging the job market is right now, so we want to supplement the training that students receive at their own university. 

Our sessions gather together panelists from universities across the world; these panelists share their expertise and experiences to help students navigate the sometimes confusing and challenging waters of scholarship and academic life. 

Previous years included: Getting a Ph.D.: From Application to Dissertation; Finding Your Niche in Biblical Scholarship; From Dissertation to Publication: Advice from Publishers and Editors; Navigating the Job Market; and Exploring Issues in Pedagogy: Diversity in the Classroom; Balancing Family and ScholarshipAnnual Meeting Orientation session;  Engaging the Wired-In Generation: Knowledge and Learning in the Digital Age and The Future of Biblical Scholarship: What Research Still Needs to be Done? 
All of our sessions provide ample time for discussion and questions.


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